BigAdda Launches Mobile Blogging Application With Big B(eta)


Its hard to resist a headline like that. Reliance ADAG’s love affair with the Bachchan’s continues, this time in the form a mobile blogging application called MoBlog developed especially for Amitabh Bachchan. The re-designed blog features a mobile shaped left navigation featuring twitter-esque updates from Big B (or possibly his driver). Its 9:44pm as I write this and Big B is supposedly at a music release as per an update at 7:29pm. Going by the traction the blog has seen, I am guessing there would be quite a few takers for daily feed updates via SMS on mobile. Besides I quite like the dual approach of combining tweets with full length posts on a single page, combining quick updates with more detailed entries. Considering parent ADAG’s Rs 1000 crore deal with the Bachchans for multi-platform rights, wouldn’t be long till the entire family is giving updates on whereabouts and thoughts to a dedicated subscriber base.


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This is the reason why Reliance ADAG’s BigAdda failed miserably. They need to concentrate on what the common user wants and not try to build an entire social networking platform around Bachchans.

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Bollywood is huge in terms of promoting anything in India and bigadda has got the strategy perfectly right. there could be a question mark as to whether the youth is really interested in what amitabh bachchan has to say. they would have done well to tie up with someone youunger.


Wondering how much money do they have for experimentations. ADAG is being crazy after internet, mobile technology and Bachchans.

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