TubeMogul’s (Biased) List Shows New Media Kicking A$$ Online


The newteevee world is still ruled by new media stars, according to video distrbutor TubeMogul’s Top 40 list. The list is diverse, but old media types don’t break the the Top 10. New teevee whippersnappers like Next New Networks, and MyDamnChannel all scored very high. Moving down the list, old media giants are slowly creeping up, with FOX, CBS, Warner Brothers, HBO and Sony Pictures all grabbing spots. So while old media giants are gaining traction with their massive content libraries in the new media space newer players are still holding their own and building their audiences with fresh, web-specific video.

But you don’t have to be a large content network to make it onto the list. TubeMogul’s list shows that web-savvy personalities can push their personal content out to mass audiences. Chris Pirillo, iJustine, Hayden Black and Nalts all grabbed top spots showing that the mantra of “broadcast yourself” still holds. The fact that an online video buffoon like Nalts can score higher than CBS confirms that the playing field has been significantly leveled.

The presence of non-media companies on the list shows that services like TubeMogul are powerful advertising platforms for a variety of products. Nike and Ford Models both got spots on the Top 40 with their advertising-cum-content strategy that allows their customers to make their products and services part of their online experience.

The faltering music industry is finally starting to embrace this whole internet thing., EMI and Sub Pop Records all make appearances on the list as music videos are still some of the most popular online content.

The appetite for fresh content is huge and TubeMogul’s list shows that viewers are just as happy to get regular, fresh content from the likes of CBS as iJustine. We’ll keep an eye on this list and see who moves up and down.



If you look at the data on TubeMogul’s own site, they point out that these are ONLY for videos deployed through their system – that means they have to completely ignore all video NOT processed through their system. So when you say that “Old Media” doesn’t show up there, remember that that’s most likely because they don’t use TubeMogul!

Craig Rubens

I say “buffoon” with utmost affection. No one can fall off a ladder like you, Nalts.


Thanks for posting this. Suddenly Kontonis is returning my calls. BTW- my parents still aren’t impressed with my video hobby despite this.

Paul Kontonis

Ok, so we have been sleeping with everyone at TubeMogul that’s why newteevee left us out of this story! they are jealous!


tubemogul and effinfunny have been sleeping together and are in love! i don’t care who hears it and if it destroys the integrity of their list!!!


p.s. if we don’t get higher on their list next month we’re going to stop putting out


Doesn’t Vidmeter already do this? And how come there are no numbers posted? I guess you’re right, the list is biased.

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