STRUCTURE 08: Nick Carr, Welcome to the Ethical Infrastructure

Om kicked off the morning with a nice surprise in the form of a video clip message from Nick Carr. Here’s some notes:

The fundamental unit of computing is shifting from individual computers to the data center or the grid of computers. This means different things for businesses and suppliers. The functioning of a reliable data center is crucial to a competitive edge. Prowess in building the infrastructure and running data centers will be crucial to success.

With electric current there wasn’t an ethical dimension — computing is very different of course, because it involves information. Personal and business information has an ethical component. We are in the beginning of making ethical decisions about this infrastructure — this is not just about technology; this is about the implications of supplying information over this new grid.

And here’s our Qik live-stream (not as high quality as the Mogulus feed, but just so you can have it now). If the embed isn’t showing up, just click through.


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