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Moo Grows Up, Gets Business Cards

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Richard Moross may have started his web-based printing company, Moo, because he was bored with the standard business cards out there, but now his four-year-old startup is about to enter the world of the boring head on. As early as next week, Moo will start selling the standard-sized, Docker-toting-executive business cards — that same product its worked so hard to differentiate.

A case of Moo growing up? It’s the most-requested product from Moo’s customers, Moross tells us, so, yeah, if selling something that users ask for is a sign of maturity, Moo’s getting both older and wiser. And while business cards might not have the cool factor of the mini-cards (which are half the size), they are much more practical in the traditional networking world.

Moo’s business cards will cost $22 for 50 of them — a bit more than its mini-cards, but they will use the same paper and have most of the same customizable features, along with some new color and graphics options. They’ll fill the gap between the expensive, bulk-sale cards from a design shop and the cheaper but lower-quality cards that can be bought online, says Moross.

Of particular interest to the earth2tech types is a 100 percent recycled and biodegradable eco-card option, for no extra charge (Moo customers, you have no excuse not to get this option!). Moross also claims that its printing process is much more efficient than the standard, and points out that printing in small batches can also cut down on wasted cards.

As Om put it eloquently last year, “Moo is among the first wave of young businesses finally putting the so-called Web 2.0 technologies to work to make good on the promise that this much-ballyhooed generation of startups has been vapidly pledging for far too long: That Web 2.0 would reinvent the boring, the old-fashioned and the antiquated.” Hopefully Moo will continue to make good on that promise, and won’t start equating boring with grown-up.

Image courtesy of Moo and Flickr.

10 Responses to “Moo Grows Up, Gets Business Cards”

  1. Moo is great on the marketing and packaging, but you’re not going to hand out the packaging. My company ordered some cards from Premium Cards ( and they didn’t cost so much. I can see how Moo is very cool, but I need more than just cool. 50 cents a card is like…wow. My cards cost 5 cents a piece and they are full size US standard. Nice matte finish. 50 cents? I’m pretty shocked they even sell at that price at all. Very nice site though, I like the “moo look”.