Happy Birthday to Us. Thanks All, for Everything


Structure 08 is over and folks are already asking us about Structure 09. I’m happy to report that our first official GigaOM conference not only sold out but got a big thumbs-up from attendees. I want to thank a lot of people for making this event a success: The speakers; the sponsors; the attendees; the fine folks at Marketing Alchemist (especially Erin and Stacey); Alistair Croll, our magnificent MC; and of course, the GigaTeam. In particular a big shout out to Surj Patel, Joey Wan, Chancey, Mike & Nick! They worked extremely hard to make my dream into an idea, and then a reality. Here is a list of our live blogging from today.

I have some other good news. We are two years old today (though I got outed by Valleywag a bit earlier than June 25) — so below is a little video that shows how we were then and and how we are now. The lessons I’ve earned in these first two years will turn into a really long post someday.

I am planning to take some time off tomorrow, so no posting! Good night all!


Om Malik

@ All, thanks guys. We are feeling a little tired today but GigaOM continues to hum – I will be posting soon! No rest for the wicked ;-)


Hello There!

Belated happy B-day to GigaOM.

I would love to see you score a century. In e-age though, a quarter century will also be very very good :-)


Robin Wauters

A very happy birthday! May there be many years to come.

Virtualization.com loved attending Structure 08, very high quality!


Happy Birthday GigaOm. Good to know.

Enjoy the day off Om.

Cheers, Nag


Congratulations for the completing two years and the success of structure 08 conference. Keep up the great work. You and your team rock!

Chris Gilmer

Happy Birthday Giga Omni Media family!
Stay cool, and all the best in the upcoming years…


Satish Mummadi

Thanks for live web-hosting the event. I enjoyed it a lot (from Boston)

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