Green Campaign Watch: Obama & McCain Bicker Over Energy

Both presidential candidates have been pushing their energy plans hard on the campaign trail and now the White House hopefuls are both taking pot shots at the other side’s proposal. Here’s what Obama and McCain have to say about each other’s energy plans.

Obama Calls McCain’s Plan “Same Old Gimmicks”: Speaking yesterday at the Las Vegas Springs Preserve, Obama continued to ridicule McCain’s proposed gas tax holiday as a short-term non-solution. He added McCain’s recently announced $300 million battery prize to the list of “gimmicks that will only increase our oil addiction for another four years.” He added: “When John F. Kennedy decided that we were going to put a man on the moon, he didn’t put a bounty out for some rocket scientist to win –- he put the full resources of the United States government behind the project.”

Update: Obama also attacked McCain’s nuclear plan which still doesn’t account for the problem of nuclear waste. Obama wants to increase research into nuclear waste storage and recycling and doesn’t want to build any new reactors until we know what we’ll do with the leftovers.

McCain Says Obama’s Plan is “Business as Usual”: At a press conference in Riverside, Calif., yesterday McCain said Obama has “said basically ‘no’ to the majority of proposals” in regards to energy independence. He went further to say that Obama’s plan pushes “the status quo and business as usual” as a viable energy plan. McCain said that Obama is all talk and no action and urged an examination of the record to show how little Obama has done, especially on energy.


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