4iPhone.net launches hosted Exchange service for iPhone owners

4smart4iphoneUp until October of last year, I used 4SmartPhone.net as my hosted Microsoft Exchange provider. In fact, I used them for a good two or three years until I decided that Gmail’s IMAP would meet my needs… and at no cost. I was wondering if they were going to offer service to iPhone owners, since the 2.0 firmware for the phone will support Microsoft Exchange. Sure enough, they are and you can find out about it at their new site: 4iPhone.net. Actually, you can pre-register for it since there’s not much info on the site. ;)

From the press release they sent out today, it looks like pricing will be around $10.95 a month and my guess is that’s if you pay annually in one lump-sum. With an account, you’ll have Direct Push services right from the server for your e-mail, contacts, and calendar events to your iPhone. There’s also the Remote Wipe function to delete data from your device. Why would a consumer need that? Just ask Robert Scoble… he knows why.

If you’re new to the "Microsoft Exchange" world, consider the "Hosted Exchange 101" article we put together last year; it gives you the high-level view of what the service is and why you might want it.


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