Yahoo Raises Domain Renewal Price to $34.95


Yahoo Small Business is raising its domain renewal price from $12.95 per year to $34.95 per year effective July 1, 2008. The announcement was made through emails sent to account holders with domains set for renewal before the effective date.

This is Yahoo’s second price increase in under a year.

The $22.00 increase is a hard pill to swallow for web workers who have used Yahoo to register domain names for their web projects. Competing registrars are reacting. GoDaddy, for example, is offering a 30% discount on domain registration this week.



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I used to like Yahoo! Small Business, But not anymore!
I believe they are taking advantage of the situation
of thousands of users and thats it, end of the history.

I hate this Yahoo! whole thing of Yahoo! World now!!!
I have already had to close some of my domains because
of this problem, but Yahoo! doens’t see it this way.

I recommend to everyone to not buy domains in Yahoo!

They began doing this since they feel more powerful
than the same Google.

Anyways, what ever i say is gonna change anything.

Sincerely, Samuel


For some reason, I checked the “Terms Of Services” on the small business page today. I was signing up for my 8th domain name, and have never had a problem with them. I’m glad I read the Terms of service anyway…I was shocked to read that a renewal rate increase had been issued, and had to log into my accounts to see if I’d been charged yet. Thankfully, the rate increase only went into effect recently, and I have some time to shop around. Any advice on the best bulk domain service to go with?


MOVE ON FROM YOHOO. Hi im CULERO (if you know what this mean). Yes i noted there was something wrong with yahoo when my domain was about to expire last May 1 Amount $12.95. I knew it something wrong was going on. I started paying $2.95 and my next payment must be as advertised $9.95. I was unable to TRANSFER my domain because my credit card expired also my renew date in yahoo domains expired so when i solved my cc problems i had to paid late $12.95 problem solved in May 15. Now after reading this I know there is SCAM GOING ON IN YAHOO now it says $34.95 next payment renew. My idea was comeback 1 or 2 months before expire next May 1, 2009 but after reading this i think it must be ASAP . No way i am gonna pay once more $12.95 less will do $34.95 so what i think today there is someone an administrator, websmaster, etc on the site making the scam before they must quit when MICROSOFT purchase YAHOO INC. I think someone wants to go out retired young with a little (or do i need to say thounsands) extra bucks from the company… LOL LOL LOL. This is yahoo customer response when i confronted by email:


Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Domains.

I understand you are concerned regarding amount charged as a renewal of
domain name “”.

I would request you to contact our billing department as it is a billing
related concern.

To better serve you, we now provide care for billing-related concerns
exclusively over the phone.

Please call us at 800-318-0870, Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6
p.m. PST, and a Yahoo! Customer Care representative will be happy to
assist you.

Please do not hesitate to reply if you need further assistance.

Have a nice day!



Yahoo! Customer Care

For assistance with all Yahoo! services please visit:

Original Message Follows:

I registered a domain name referred by on yahoo
domains i was wondering why
i paid this year so much for renewing my domain CULEROS.COM (not my real domain name of course)
$12.95 USD yahoo is supposed to charge every year $9.95 USD only.
This is because i was referred by your company Melbourne IT or its Yahoo

About domains

thanks for your comments. I think that you got the idea about this. Yahoo knows very well what will happen if they increase renewal prices. Ok, for me I will transfer my domain names to other registar. Maybe for a lower domain rates

Nate Johnson

I think we are all missing what they are trying to do here. I believe Yahoo is trying to GET OUT of the domain name business. Who in their right mind would renew domains at Yahoo. I am transferring all my domains away from them, and I think that is what they want. I haven’t yet determined if they are trying to thin their clients so they can have an easier time taking over that part of things completely from Melbourne IT (who charges at least that much or more), and then maybe they will lower prices.

Whatever happens, they are doing this on purpose to at least get a large portion of their clients to transfer out so they can have an easier time taking over this part and moving everything over to their servers, or get out of the business all together.


WTF is wrong with these people?? I just went for the brand name Yahoo, thinking that it offers a quality service, neglecting lesser offers from GoDaddy, Namecheap ..etc. Today I saw a $35 billing on my CC, dint know about this till now. I have around 7 domains with them, which means $35×7, which equals to 25 domains on all other not so big registars. Am moving all my domains to somewhere else and not gonna use Yahoo related services hereafter, RIP Yahoo!! :)


Shocked over the email notification from yahoo..i have 16 domains registered in yahoo and transfering them one by one to others.


Just canceled 2 domains with them. Will be transferring the rest once they near renewal… Its really unfortunate yahoo had to take the low road.


I have helped people change their domain registrations from Yahoo! and can confirm that they work with MelbourneIT extensively. The folks at MelbourneIT are very professional but they don’t like to see registrants leave. It does seem quite odd that Yahoo! is looking to increase operating costs for website owners despite the availability of less expensive alternatives. Do they really think that website owners (individuals or businesses) won’t find out about cheaper registrars?


I had 3 domains + Mail with yahoo, I transfered it with Godaddy + Gmail Enterprise i.e. Money Saved + Good email solutions etc.

Scott M

I havent touched yahoo in years. even for email. Bad move on their part. GODADDY FOR THE WIN!

Mary Baum

Like AOL, it would seem that Yahoo is trying to position itself as the internet service most likely to fleece the people who don’t understand how the internet is supposed to work and frustrate the people who do.

I’ve been disgusted with AOL for a good fifteen years now as a result, and I’m well on my way to a new lack of regard for Yahoo for similar reasons.


This is a stupid decision on Yahoo’s part. All that needs to happen now is have Google buy GoDaddy and the game’s over for Yahoo. I guess I better start publishing my gmail account more.


I think its a shame that they are falling over. They used to be *the* web resource and obviously didnt try too hard to hold onto that title when Google came along. I hope they can float themselves again without too many cheap tricks like this.

Non Specifie

About a year ago I began to tire of inefficiencies in Y!’s email and hosting services. Several months ago I took all my business from Y! and gave it to another company.

What finally got me was not the margin of mediocrity in the services per se, but Y!’s disingenuous treatment of me as a paying customer. Months before the MSFT takeover bid, I concluded that Y! didn’t care anymore, and that the erosion of their service culture was a symptom of their having given up the fight.

With this price increase, Y! demonstrates publicly its incomprehensible intent to commit suicide.

Maria Garcia

I only pay $8.95 and same price for registration. How is Yahoo justifying this increase?

Dave Lyon

I think the real problem is that Yahoo! Domains are Yahoo! in name only. I believe that the Yahoo! Domains was a wrapper around the registrar Melbourne IT. I registered a couple via Yahoo! (since moved luckily) because of the low prices they always advertised. The service was easy to use, but it bugged me that you couldn’t transfer domains into the service.

I love Yahoo and Yahoo services but I think a refocus is definitely needed. If they need to charge that much to have a branded domain name service, this is something they need to drop. Despite what any registrar says, there is no service that a registrar can provide that should make a domain renewal cost more than $10.


Who in the world pays more than 12.95 for a domain anymore?

I haven’t paid more than $9.00 since 2004

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