Please do not ship anything to Mobile Tech Manor


Due to the impending move this weekend to a new house this message is for OEMs, vendors and PR firms:

Do not ship anything to James Kendrick until further notice.  It is a regular occurrence for stuff to just appear on the Mobile Tech Manor doorstep via the FedEx or UPS man and as of right now if you send something it may not get to me.  Please email me for the new address of the new Mobile Tech Manor if you wish to ship something for evaluation.  Thank you.


Mike Cane

I’m sending you a housewarming gift. It ticks. It will make your new place VERY warm indeed.

Now what were your GPS coordinates again?


Yes. All OEMs, vendors, and PR firms should immediately ship all their goodies to my house for evaluation instead. I’ll be sure to let James know how much fun I’m having with everything! =)

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