How to Transfer Firefox Bookmarks and Other Settings

If you are switcher with one foot still in the proverbial grave and haven’t entirely let go of your PC, this article is for you.

In my profession, I tend to change computers a lot. Thankfully, I get Macs. We gave away our PC to a friend, and needed to save my wife’s bookmarks on my MacBook, until we get a replacement. On a Mac, it is very easy to transfer all of your personalized preferences from one computer to another. Going from a PC to a Mac takes a few more steps, and you can’t transfer everything as easily.

I usually only want to save my preferences when I get a new computer, just because I like fresh installs of all my software. I know it is a lot easier to use Apple’s Migration Assistant, but this is how I roll.

To get everything from one Mac to another, all you do is go to [username]/Library/Application Support/Firefox and copy the entire Firefox folder to your new computer. You can do this with any application you have on your computer. It copies all of your information, preferences, plugins, and history. Very slick.

From a PC to a Mac, I could not find a way to export everything from Firefox to my Mac. I can export the bookmarks, but that is it. My wife wasn’t too happy about that. All she really cared about were her bookmarks, though. When you tell Firefox to import from the file menu, it only asks to import all your preferences from Safari. You can do that if you have been using Safari, but it is better to go to the Bookmarks menu, choose “Organize Bookmarks…”

You will want to click the “Refresh Favorites” or settings button, and choose import HTML. Choose your bookmarks.html file, and it will import the PC Firefox bookmarks.

Or, just as easily, use the File->Import Bookmarks in Safari and import them into Safari, and then you can get all your Safari bookmarks and your PC Firefox bookmarks in one fell swoop.

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