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Hillcrest Remote: Flick Wrist to Flip Channels

Raise your hand if you want to use a Wii-like, gesture-driven remote to control your content. Now lower your hand. Now move it side to side. Like Mr. Miyagi teaching Daniel-san, you have the basics of Hillcrest Labs‘ concept remote. Instead of standard up, down, left, right arrow buttons, the remote acts as a pointer, allowing you to scroll through and select content by moving your hand (it even has an anti-tremor technology that keeps the cursor still while on-screen).

Washington, D.C.-based Hillcrest Labs started off life seven years ago as a think tank, where it saw the impending wave of digital media and the need for a graphical way to sift through it. The remote you see in the video below isn’t something you’ll be able to buy — it’s just a “concept car.” Too bad, it looks slick. Instead, Hillcrest will license it out to different consumer electronics manufacturers to be built into their devices. Check out remote in action here:

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9 Responses to “Hillcrest Remote: Flick Wrist to Flip Channels”

  1. When I first used the wii remote, I immidiatlly thought that it will be used in the future to navigate in itv menus.

    I think it will only be a matter of time that all tv’s or set top boxes will use a remote like that. Or maybe you can use your sell phone for this purpose..