Firefox Extensions Worth Checking Into

Every serious user of the Firefox browser has his or her own favorite Firefox extensions. Since last week’s release of the official version of Firefox 3 quite a few stories have been turning up around the web on extensions tuned specifically for the new version. Here are a few good examples of extension coverage done in recent days.

PC World has a pretty good list of five business-friendly extensions. Its list focuses mostly on extensions tuned for Firefox 3. It includes LinkedIn Companion for Firefox 3.1.1TwitterFoxColorful TabsDelicious Bookmarks, and Google Preview.

Of these, Colorful Tabs and Google Preview are particularly useful. Colorful Tabs makes it easy to differentiate between tabs in the browser, and is great if you work with a lot of tabs open. Google Preview thumbnails of web sites into Google and Yahoo search results page, which can be a time-saver when sifting search results.

Webware also has a few good Firefox extension finds this week. Check out their story on CookiePie, which is designed to let you seamlessly work with two different Gmail accounts open. Webare also has a good story on mastering bookmarks in Firefox 3.

Finally, this blog has done a good collection of extensions, and over on the OStatic blog, dedicated to open source, you can find more useful Firefox extensions, including good input in the comments from readers. There is also a collection of over 40 tips on how to get more out of the browser there.

Do you have any good extension recommendations? What has been your experience using extensions with version 3?


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