Firefox extension for Mac shows PDFs right in the browser


My life continues in the browser as it it’s now day 19 without using client applications for any length of time. (You can check what I’ve used right here). About two weeks ago, I highlighted a way to read PDF docs in the browser simply by using the new PDF support in Google Docs on my Vista-based UMPC. What if you don’t use Google Docs or even a PC for that matter? Mac users that don’t want to use Safari should check out this plugin for inline PDF viewing within Firefox 3. According to Apple’s Developer Connection site, PDFKit "allows you to display and manipulate PDF documents in your applications."

In my current light-computing experiment, I’d rather not gunk up my hard drive or SSD with the full Adobe Reader package, so extensions like these come in handy for some devices. Yes, my little Asus Eee PC 701 sitting next to me: I’m looking at you!

(via Download Squad)

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