Canonical releases first public version of Ubuntu MID edition


Ubuntumobile_2Great news from the team at Canonical: the first public release of Ubuntu MID edition is available for download!  This version, 8.04, is really meant to help developers, so don’t expect to see an OEM device with this exact environment. I’m actually on the fence: I’d love to try it, but it would cause a minor disruption to the web-challenge on my UMPC.  Then again I really have no local data, so it would just be a a matter of rebuilding Vista after trying the mobile version of Ubuntu. While I decide my next steps, see for yourself what this version includes:

In some cases we took some applications and modified them to fit betteron MID screens and to be finger friendly for touch screens. In otherswe have included Moblin technologies. A notable feature of Ubuntu MIDis a specifically-designed MID browser based on Gecko,that has zoom capabilities that optimize the browsing experience forusers, critical for a device primarily designed for Web access.  Italso contains applications for email, calendaring, documentreading,contacts and a media player as part of the default install. Allthe applications are freely redistributable.

Sounds touch-friendly to me, and if it can on effectively on a device with relatively meager specs then the MID space is about to get much more interesting.



Hi all,

Anyone know how I can get a copy of Red Flag’s MIDINUX? This seems to be the “Linux distro of choice” for the Q1U, yet it not widely available.




I have installed many versions of ubuntu.
But if you look at the information for ubuntu mobile it says the current version is compiled for the Atom (and some other MID CPU).

I do not believe that it is possible to install it on just any x86


As I understand it this only works with special MID CPUs for the moment? No support for x86?

Would love to install this on some older laptops as “internet only” laptops.


@PJ No problem.

@kevin sorry, I should have posted to PJ, not you. :)


I should have done some research before I jumped to installing Ubuntu. I didn’t know Ubuntu was a type of OS. I thought it was a program like Origami Experience 2.0. I guess it’s a good thing the installation didn’t work for me since I could have lost everything on my hard drive if I succeeded in installing Ubuntu. Still, thanks, Browncoatz, for the installation information.


Can anyone confirm if the cameras work after installing on a Q1U? I have the image, but do not want to install if they don’t work.

You have to have the Moblin Image Creator and the .img (above in the post) and a blank USB stick to install to from a linux PC. Then you insert the USB stick in your Q1U and it will totally erase your hard drive and install the new image in a few minutes. google around for it. Not too hard to find. Good Luck!


I’m sorry in advance if my question sounds little stupid. I downloaded and installed Ubuntu but I don’t know how to start this program. It’s not in my program menu and there’s not icon to start the program anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


I have been loosely following this, does anyone know if it will work on a Q1 or only Q1U?

I’m downloading it now to find out, i was just wondering if i should expect failure :)

Cody B

I would agree with Nate. The RSS shows the picture first and I thought canola got an update.

It looks very promising.

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