Canonical releases first public version of Ubuntu MID edition

Ubuntumobile_2Great news from the team at Canonical: the first public release of Ubuntu MID edition is available for download!  This version, 8.04, is really meant to help developers, so don’t expect to see an OEM device with this exact environment. I’m actually on the fence: I’d love to try it, but it would cause a minor disruption to the web-challenge on my UMPC.  Then again I really have no local data, so it would just be a a matter of rebuilding Vista after trying the mobile version of Ubuntu. While I decide my next steps, see for yourself what this version includes:

In some cases we took some applications and modified them to fit betteron MID screens and to be finger friendly for touch screens. In otherswe have included Moblin technologies. A notable feature of Ubuntu MIDis a specifically-designed MID browser based on Gecko,that has zoom capabilities that optimize the browsing experience forusers, critical for a device primarily designed for Web access.  Italso contains applications for email, calendaring, documentreading,contacts and a media player as part of the default install. Allthe applications are freely redistributable.

Sounds touch-friendly to me, and if it can on effectively on a device with relatively meager specs then the MID space is about to get much more interesting.

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