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Mag Bits: Motors Follow Monkey, Talksport Up For A Fight

Dennis: Dennis Publishing will follow its Monkey digital magazine for men with a motoring title, iMotor. Emailed fortnightly from July 17, the page-turner will, like Monkey, include in-page videos. It will draw content from its Evo, Auto Express and Octane mags, Guardian reported.

Talksport: But the new colleague of former Monkey publisher James Mallinson had a jibe for his former colleagues, as he launches a digital mag for radio station Talksport. Editor Bill Borrows (via Press Gazette):

2 Responses to “Mag Bits: Motors Follow Monkey, Talksport Up For A Fight”

  1. Hi John.
    Your comment was valid up until me reading a press release earlier this week about the launch of
    You will not believe what's on offer in this site. It is the slickest piece of publishing and design software on the internet. I think the publishing as a whole should take a look at this.
    Have a look at the media which this site allows. An example, of which I have never seen anything like before, is 'Airportal'.
    Their shout is 'create, publish, share…get it out there'
    Well done myebook. You have me hooked.
    Iain falmer

  2. Part of the problem with digital magazines today is that they build their products to fit the software, not the customer. Witness the Zinio products – basically souped up PDF versions of the print magazine which are basically unreadable on a laptop screen.

    The magazines like Monkey, iGizmo etc entirely rely on embedded video for their USP and how much of a difference to a website does that present ?

    Until someone designs a magazine platform that doesn't rely on (i) Adobe and (ii) a page turning feature, we won't get better products.