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Changes At ContentSutra

We’re sorry to say goodbye to Nikhil Pahwa, our resident editor here, who has decided that a different pace would be better for him, and has left to do his own thing. It was a fun and educational two years with him, helping build ContentSutra into the pre-eminent digital media news site in India. We appreciate all his hard work on the site and our events.

We are now hiring a new editor and additional staff. In the meantime, our correspondent Cerius Shah is still on the ground in Mumbai, I have increased my coverage here and the rest of our editorial staff at ContentNext Media will continue to contribute to ContentSutra.

If you have any news to share, please send it to me or leave a tip in the form on the front page (down the left column). And if you’re interested in being a part of the next phase of ContentSutra’s growth, please send a resume to me at rali AT The job description is here.

6 Responses to “Changes At ContentSutra”

  1. Nikhil all the best with your new venture. Def. keep the thoughts, ideas and leads going regardless of where Media Junkie or the likes takes you.

    Ardent reader; always.


  2. is contentsutra dead……… updates since 1 week…..
    boring…… I think its time to look some other blog……

    Nikhil….congrats….. for ur change…..

    It is clear contentsutra is nothing without u :)


  3. Only thing constant is change. Anyways, hopefully you find the right person for the gig!

    My only request is the next person not be so infatuated with the price of a domain name that a company buys, it's a business expense…get over it and get to real story of what THEY are doing with the domain name.

  4. Viren Popli

    Change is good! I am sure Nikhil will go on to do something new and interesting about the same way you have Rafat.

    All the same, we'll miss having him around at the various conferences and meets, asking all the inconvenient and difficult questions…..but then again, reading his blog i have this sneaky feeling that onejust cant be sure … can we?

    Best of Luck!