Work-Life (Off) Balance


I’m in one of those periods when everything is high priority and there’s a whole lot of everything at once. One of those months where every day is a Monday. You’ve been there. You feel like you’re in a rodeo.

I spent the last three days of last week in all-day brainstorming meetings with my partners on my startup project. The idea was to prepare our investor presentation and present it to some guinea pigs (friends/colleagues) on Friday. One of my partners kept adding slides. I kept saying stop. The designer kept going off on tangents and spending way too much time on a logo for the temporary project name. Our draft was in franglais (hybrid French/English), so we had to decide on a language and clean it up. Now we’ve rescheduled the presentation for this Thursday, and today and tomorrow we’re supposed to be working on the remaining chunks of missing content and design for the presentation.

I spent Saturday putting together an investor’s packet and Sunday I had to translate all day. I’m expecting a proofreading job in the next day or two, a 20,000-word translation having to do with truck brakes. That’ll take a couple of days. Kiva wanted some translations done today and I haven’t gotten to them yet. I have a journalist coming here to interview me for a French TV show tomorrow morning. They want to talk to an American blogger living in Paris. Then I have to give the presentation on Thursday.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something. At least three somethings.

I managed to toss a load of laundry into the machine and a bowl of cereal into my face this morning in between a doing mockup image for a slide, digging around the Web for more stats, and dashing off this little beauty. My husband is in the same boat, getting another 5,000-word translation request every half hour. We had to decide who would feed the kid, whose summer vacation starts today.

Fortunately, we’re going on vacation next week. Of course, that will change nothing. Except that there will be no jackhammers.

Times like this, I recall what my mother always said: “This too shall pass.” Mom’s words of wisdom have gotten me through a lot of rodeos.



Things happen!!! we have been experiencing the same hectic schedule for the past two weeks, work, dog to the vet, graduation ceremonies, school prize giving functions and and and!!! It must be seasonable. Just imagine if we did not have vacations????

Pamela Poole

I appreciate the sympathy and encouragement! It hadn’t occurred to me that it might be a seasonal phenomenon, but it makes sense. And Christian, I may vent, but I actually don’t mind these busy periods because I know, being a freelancer, I’ll hit dead zones too. The highs and lows make life more interesting than same old same old any day. Wouldn’t trade it for an office job! You guys hang in there too and have a great summer!


Well, its always better to be too busy than not busy enough. While I like to be busy, I also love my downtime.
Good luck with the projects!

J Lane

I think your mom may have borrowed that from Sir Winston Churchill :-)

I’m in the same boat too. I think it happens in a lot of places at the “beginning of summer”. Everyone gets a little crazy that vacation time is coming soon, so they try to clear their desks. It’s alright, though. There’s an end in sight.

Emily Williams

This sounds like the kind of craziness I’ve been going through lately! Although in my case it’s a dog, not a kid, but I am also an expat :) For now I’m just slogging through the To Do list and very much looking forward to my own vacation, which is coming up in July – it will be nice to leave Chilean winter for Californian summer. Good luck to you, and enjoy the time off!

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