What Would You do With a Billion PCs?

Actually, it’s getting to be too late to worry about the effects of a billion PCs: according to the analysts over at Gartner, the worldwide installed base of PCs has recently crossed the one billion mark. The Gartnerites say that the second billion should take less than 6 years to arrive – and that 70% of those will be in emerging markets (that is, not the USA, Europe, or Japan).

By any measure, that’s a lot of computers, despite the fact that almost 1/5 of them get replaced every year. As the number of PCs in the world continues its apparently-inexorable rise to match the number of people in the world, it seems likely that web work will cement its status as a mainstream workplace alternative. That comes at a price for web workers in mature markets, though – with all those PCs, and a solidifying communications infrastructure, in other parts of the world, we’ll be feeling increased competition and price pressure as time goes on.


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