Top BitTorrent TV Downloads This Week

Top BitTorrent TV Downloads Week Ending June 16, 2008
Rank Last Week Title
1 1 Lost
2 2 Prison Break
3 4 Heroes
4 3 Smallville
5 7 South Park
6 6 Desperate Housewives
7 10 Supernatural
8 11 The Simpsons
9 8 Grey’s Anatomy
10 14 Batlestar Galactica
11 16 Dexter
12 5 How I Met Your Mother
13 13 House, M.D.
14 15 Greek
15 31 Sex and the City
16 12 Reaper
17 23 In Treatment
18 25 Family Guy
19 24 Scrubs
20 26 CSI

A group of new shows that had been hovering outside the list cracked the top 20 for the week ending June 16, according to new data from Big Champagne.

Family Guy, Scrubs and CSI all eked there way onto the list, but more surprising was the appearance of two HBO programs. Sex and the City most likely got a bump from its successful theatrical release, while the head-scratcher is In Treatment, since that show wasn’t a hit for the pay network.

NOTE: Rankings are based on global download volumes as measured by swarm sizes, swarm speeds and file sizes. The data reflects the collective global popularity of all available show content from all seasons, current and past, not just the most recently broadcast.


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