NTV Station Today: Science Comedy, Cheerocracies

NTV StationReady? OK! Liz already linked to our George Carlin memorial earlier, but today we also have Karina Longworth’s review of the new science comedy series Improbable Research Collections. How to describe it? Karina puts it best: “Have you long felt that the one thing the web video world has been sorely lacking is comic treatments of scientific studies on homosexual necrophilia? Well, you’re in luck!” Check it out, and don’t be afraid to add your own thoughts!

And elsewhere on the web, Oprah Winfrey inspires the Stanford class of 2008, and we spotlight my favorite of the shorts premiered at the YouTube Screening Room, Our Time is Up, starring Kevin Pollak (with a brief appearance by Jorge “Hurley on Lost!” Garcia). Also, we have an important news update: Bring It On is now available on Hulu. Remember: NewTeeVee is a cheerocracy of online video. And we at the Station are your cheertators.