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Entourage 101: Put Signature on Most Recent Reply Email

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Like I’ve stated earlier, my work is a Mac shop. This being said, we need to use Entourage, Microsoft’s email solution for Macs, to manage our exchange email accounts. Entourage defaults to putting your signature at the bottom of reply emails, but most people like having it right at the end of their reply.

To have your signature appear in the most recent reply email follow these steps:

  1. Open Entourage
  2. Click the “Entourage” menu and select “Preferences”
  3. Click “Reply & Forward” under the “Mail & News Preferences”
  4. Under “Mail Attributes” select the last option “Place reply at top of message and include From, Date, To, and Subject lines from original message”
  5. Click “Ok”

Now everytime you start a reply email your signuate will default to the end of the reply, instead the end of the string of emails. I have tested with both Entourage 2004 & 2008 and it works with both. Have fun!

19 Responses to “Entourage 101: Put Signature on Most Recent Reply Email”

  1. tiger

    very helpful guide! I know a lot about OSX, but this has been driving me crazy until i found this post. Thank you much! I’ll soon be sharing my Mac tips.

  2. Don Parr

    Jenny, all I can say is Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! This may seem insignificant to some, and that’s fine, I was so thrilled to stumble upon this tip today. So, Thank you for sharing it.