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Daimler Working On Electric Mercedes, Electric Smart Car, & Project Better Place

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Earlier this month word got out that Silicon Valley electric vehicle startup Tesla has been working on some sort of deal with Germany‚Äôs Daimler. This weekend Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche told a German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that it has much bigger plans in store: Daimler says it will release an electric model of a Mercedes and an electric version of its Smart Car by 2010 (via Reuters U.K.). Zetsche also told the newspaper that it is “in talks” with electric vehicle infrastructure startup Project Better Place.

The news proves that as the price of gas rises higher, as fears of global warming become more mainstream and as oil reserves dwindle, major car companies are taking the electric car seriously. And we applaud those that do. Japan’s Nissan recently made a significant commitment to alternative vehicles. Nissan says it will launch an all-electric car in the United States and Japan by 2010, will deliver a low-cost, energy efficient car for the Indian market and has also partnered with Project Better Place (but maybe not in Japan). GM is planning on having its electric vehicle, the Volt, ready for production by 2010.

Daimler’s electric vehicle plan is good news for consumers, who, come 2010, will have that many more green car options in a marketplace that is sorely lacking. We’ve personally considered the Smart Car option, but have wanted a more alternative version. And the more big name car companies that sign on with Project Better Place the greater the likelihood the company’s networks will proliferate. That means that we could be getting closer to having Project Better Place networks stateside, in Hawaii or the California Bay Area.

18 Responses to “Daimler Working On Electric Mercedes, Electric Smart Car, & Project Better Place”

  1. adrian

    Mitsubishi seems well advanced in the development of a cheap EV called the imiEV. They have developed lithium-ion batteries and an attractive useful shape. Shows what a mega company can do if it makes an effort. My cousin was an engineer for Daimler and says they’re far behind because they put all their development into a hydrogen future which was derailed by the US quick-fix mentality which focuses on hybrid.

  2. Hi, I just wanted to make a comment:

    Other automakers like Nissan, Honda, and Toyota actually want to release vehicles in a LIMITED sense (like EV-1 leasing that GM did), NOT as a product that average joe like me can go and buy. The GM Volt is the only product so far to be release to the general public, not the ‘special’ public.

  3. If you can’t wait for the obese auto companies who have been dragging their feet on this technology for the last 100 years you can buy an electric smart car or other electric models right now. Don’t be fooled by the name these aren’t hybrids they are fully electric vehicles! Give them a call at their US Development Office extension 206! I don’t mean to sound so infomericialish but if your interested in electric vehicles you should definitely contact them with your questions.