Avril Lavigne vs. Evolution

Pop singer Avril Lavigne’s army of fans are amassing online with one goal in mind…take down Judson Laipply and his Evolution of Dance as the most-watched YouTube video of all time.

Wait, Avril Lavigne is the second most-watched video ever on YouTube?

As of today, Evolution has 89,589,770 views. But the music video for Lavigne’s Girlfriend is nipping at Laipply’s moonwalking heels with 88,787,747 plays, leaving just 802,023 plays between them. All the more impressive, Laipply’s video was released April 6 2006, while Lavigne’s was released February 27, 2007

So why is Lavigne’s camp is resorting to less-than-bubblegummy-pop tactics to try and take the crown?

To fire up the all the Sk8ter Bois and girls for this web video battle royale, the somewhat-creepily titled AvrilBandAids.com has set up a “refresher” page to try and game the system. Keep the page open and it will refresh the Lavigne video page on YouTube every 15 seconds.

Come on, Lavigne-iacs! This is something Team Britney would do! Don’t sink to their level.

Stats-goosing is nothing new, but Girlfriend has hovered near the top of the all-time heap for awhile on what seems like its own inexplicable merits (though I’ll admit, it is one catchy song). Just let the drama play out. The video for Music is My Hot Hot Sex was stripped of its most-watched title after accusations of gamesmanship arose, why risk it for Lavigne? You don’t want her to fall to pieces…

Back here at NTV HQ, we’ve been trying to figure out what makes Girlfriend so popular. Was it the release date? The abundance of bathroom humor? The undying appeal of mini-golf? Others have pondered this very same question.

(Hat tip to Golden Fiddle who has the most awesomest of headlines: “Hey, Hey YouTube.”)