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Two notebook giveaways: one Mac, one PC

Msi_wind_giveawayWith all the notebooks we have, you’d think *we* were giving one away, but no. Sadly, we can’t part with anything just now. Pocketables and PalmAddicts are making up for it though as they each have a nice notebook to offer.

At Pocketables, Jenn is giving up an MSI Wind on July 1 to help kick off her new site forum. All you need to do is register in the forums and you’ll likely meet some like-minded pocketable-people too. Hmm… as I read that, it sounds like you’re going to meet folks that are under four-inches tall. Ack… you know what I meant.

If you’re off the OS X persuation, you’ll want to hit up PalmAddicts as Sammy is "throwing out" his black MacBook that’s only 7-months old. Just send him an e-mail with a mobile thought and maybe some sucking-up here and there. Don’t wait on this one because Sammy is ending this one when the right e-mail comes along…