Earth2Tech Week In Review


Check out what happened this week: 100-feet-per-minute solar printing, 10 minute electric car charging, and 10 percent of the U.S. to one day be powered by solar. We’re making progress! (oh, except for this.)

Nanosolar Prints Thin Film Solar At 100-Feet-per-Minute: Thin film solar eye candy! Startup Nanosolar put this video on its website showing a solar printing tool that can deliver 1 GW annually, at a rate of 100-feet-per-minute — Nanosolar says that’s the thin film tool with the most capacity in the world.

Big Blue to Take on Thin-Film Solar: Whoa, IBM is moving into thin film solar — all those startups like Nanosolar betta watch out.

Epyon: 10-Minute Electric Car Charging: Why not charge an electric vehicle in 10 minutes instead of 6 to 12 hours? Well, when the technology comes out in the future it’ll charge you a lot more than your free outlet.

Report: Solar to Power 10% of the U.S. by 2025: For serious? Even with soon-to-expire solar tax credits getting ignored, the U.S. is making sunny progress.

Tesla Update: Former CEO’s Crashed Car, IPO Plans & WhiteStar: Yeah, a Tesla technician actually crashed former CEO of Tesla, Martin Eberhard’s, Roadster while it was being test drove. Eberhard left the company on negative terms, so it would be easy to use Freud’s turn of phrase that there are no accidents. Tesla says it was an honest mistake and the car is being repaired.

Intel Spins Out, Funds Solar Maker SpectraWatt: Even Intel is getting into the solar game. This week the chip maker spun out startup SpectraWatt, and lead its $50 million funding round.

Bob Metcalfe: Avoid the Pressure of the Green Bubble: He should know, he survived the last bubble.

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