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Vid-Biz: Tru2way, Kaltura, TiVo

Cable to Telcos: You 2 Can Use tru2way; CableLabs CEO invites telco rivals to hop on-board his java platform. Good luck with that. (Multichannel News)

Kaltura Gets Second Round; .406 ventures leads round that is “significantly larger” than the previous $2.1 million raised. (CNET)

History of the TiVo “Peanut” Remote; more than you ever knew you wanted to know about the DVR’s iconic control. (Gizmodo)

France Preps Three Strikes Piracy Law; so-called “HADOPI” law is triggered by rights holders, third violation would result in loss of Internet access. Bill goes to France’s two houses of Parliament next. (The Hollywood Reporter)

MLB Online Hits a Homerun; league says a million and a half people watch a live game there everyday, paid content accounts for 40 percent of revenues. (Variety)