U.S. WiMAX’s second wave: northeast and Texas

Wimax_logoThe other day found me dissin’ Sprint’s WiMAX news, or "non-news" as I called it. I tagged it so because the announcement mainly touted how the test areas of Baltimore, D.C. and Chicago were getting commercial service between September and the end of the year. I still question the pricing details and more importantly, what happens after these first markets are launched?

Part of my second question became a little clearer this morning when Electronista reported where the second wave of WiMAX would be in the U.S. Boston, Providence, Dallas / Ft. Worth and the city closest to me, Philadelphia, are expected to see service next. No time frames (and no pricing detials yet) for the second wave, but it’s good to hear. It takes quite a while to rollout out infrastructure nationwide, but more importantly, it takes plan. Good to see that one is forming, or is already formed and Sprint is becoming a little more "fourth"-coming on 4G. I still believe they need to hurry on the rollout, which is likely far more of a business issue than a technical one. LTE isn’t as far behind as they’d like.


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