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OpenServ – Psystar is at it again…

Psystar, you know, those crazy people that brought us the Open Computer Mac clone (and still have not been shut down by Apple) announced today that they are releasing OpenServ Rack-Mount Servers and OpenGamer Gaming Systems, which will run Windows Server (2003 and 2008) and Leopard Server, and your various varieties of Linux server distros.

The servers have Intel Xeon Harpertown processors, can have up to 16 GB of RAM, and 6 TB of storage.

The really crazy thing is that Apple still has not done anything. Psystar even released an update for the 10.5.3 update to Leopard. What is Apple saying by not saying anything about this? It seems that silence is permission.

4 Responses to “OpenServ – Psystar is at it again…”

  1. Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but perhaps Apple is allowing this to happen as a sort of test. Rather than releasing a version of OS X without the hardware lock, or licensing the hardware to third-parties, they’re allowing Psystar to do their thing and watching closely to see if it really takes. If it does, perhaps they’ll begin to offer limited licenses to third-parties to fill in some of the gaps in their own hardware lineup. It seems like it must be more than a coincidence that the hardware that Psystar is marketing is in precisely the areas that Apple doesn’t have much if any presence (low-end, gamer, and server hardware).

    But again, this may just be wishful thinking. =D

  2. What if Apple is buying time to :

    Make sure Psystar has used as much money as possible, before the
    lawsuit strikes:

    See what psystar comes up with to better counteract the “hacks” in snow leopard.

    Or maybe it its a case of the iPhone, AppleTv etc. where Apple seems to welcome the fanbase of “hardcores” that expands and hacks their products…the hardware hacker is the artist of the 21. century in some sense, and Apple do like the artists :)

  3. I’m surprised too but the only scenarios I can think of that fit are 1. Apples next business model will support other x86 hw, 2. Snow leopard and on will have some hw locks, or 3. Apple legal are unsure (or know for definite) that their current licence (the “install only on an Apple ‘labeled’ computer” thing) is untenable. But really I just think 4. they’re taking their time to build a case.