NTV Station Today: Should Girl Friday Go Home?

NTV StationToday we’re all-too-aptly featuring Girl Friday, an Australian import that maybe should have stayed down under, if you ask reviewer Steve Bryant. But what do you think of the imported soap, which debuted last week on Bebo? You know the drill: Read what we think, then add your own reviews and ratings!

Also, in our video guide, we have two equal, but opposite, rap stars: in a seven-minute vlog, Soulja Boy responds to Ice-T’s accusations of ruining hip-hop by…looking Ice-T up on Wikipedia. If watching that leaves you feeling way too hardcore, YouTuber Bo Burnham displays some minor, but earnest, white-boy moves with his original, piano-accompanied love rap. It’s kind of touching, that is if you’re touched by lyrics like, “That’s right, consider yourself warned/I’m offensive and creative like handicapped porn.” Really, just another day in online video, brought to you by the Station!