In-Home e-Cycling for the Lazy Eco-Minded

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If you find your busy lifestyle leaves you no time to recycle your old gizmos, no worries, e-cycling just got more convenient, for a price. Minneapolis-headquartered Zip Express Installations has added in-home recycling of e-waste to their next-day electronics installation services. Now when you buy a new big-screen TV and have it installed by Zip, for an extra $49 they’ll take your old big-screen TV and make sure it’s responsibly recycled. If you just want the recycling service, it’ll cost you $79.95.

For big things like TVs, paying an extra $49 to have your old set hauled away could make sense. But Zip also says they’ll recycle your computers, phones, cameras, PC peripherals, monitors and amplifiers — items that should be easily manageable for the average consumer without professional e-cycling assistance. Zip also offers other seemingly unnecessary services like universal remote control programming for $150 (advanced remote programming is $300). If you’re willing to spend that kind of dough to have someone else fiddle with your remote control perhaps you’d pay $79.95 to have someone come take your old iPhone away, too.

Zip just launched earlier this month and is working to partner with big-box retailers and electronics e-tailers to provide next-day installation services — much like Best Buy’s Geek Squad, but faster. The company hasn’t raised any capital yet and says it’s focused on establishing its business first. The addition of an e-cycling service is a logical next step. Just like when you buy a new fridge or washing machine, the installers often haul away your old one for you. And with the official switch from analog to digital hitting America’s TVs next year, there will likely be lots of big, old TVs in need of proper recycling.

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