Yahoo to Bring Cricket Video to The Masses

Yahoo will add video to a new release of, said Satish Menon, head of the company’s video syndication platform division, when we spoke on a panel at Supernova on Wednesday.

We live-streamed a short interview with Menon after the panel (see above)

Menon emailed us today with the specific details:

We will have a live scorecard with ball-by-ball commentary and when there is a significant event such as a 4 or 6 or somebody getting out, then, the video clip of that even (1 minute or less) will show up next to that event description in the ball-by-ball commentary.

He said the site will also have a video page of archived highlights, and potentially player interviews.

Our head honcho, Om, a cricket fanatic, currently has to switch to Windows when he wants to watch his cricket subscription. He tells us, a company based in Silicon Valley, has found a big audience amongst overseas cricket fans in the U.S. and other parts of the world for its on-demand paid access to full cricket matches.

Om also notes that a new, very short form of cricket, Twenty20, is proving to be a big hit online. The Indian Professional League, an MLB-like entity, recently signed a deal with Live Current Media to set up, an online destination much like


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