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June 19: What's Interesting This Morning

It’s another beautiful day in the San Francisco Bay area, though unfortunately it’s going to be spent indoors, in meetings, as we plan for our Structure 08 conference. Almost everyone in the company except Stacey is going to be in the office, and that means a hectic and challenging day. Thankfully there is no SF Giants game today, so we won’t have any crazy onlookers walking past our digs. Anyway, here are some interesting links that might be worth checking out:

  • The Wall Street Journal reports that AT&T wants DISH to pay back $500 million in convertible notes, a move that indicates the partners might be on the verge of breaking up. Of course, it also indicates that AT&T has no interest in buying DISH anymore. WSJ points out that DirecTV has leveraged the HDTV trend better than DISH. The growth in the satellite industry has almost halved. AT&T’s move shouldn’t come as a surprise — they have to grow their IPTV business, and fast.
  • France is going to ban illegal Internet downloaders, according to Times UK Online. So much for the great, technology-friendly President Sarkozy. He’s joined the likes of Universal’s CEO, in my book — people who don’t quite understand the real issues around the Internet and believe in strongarming.
  • Apparently the guys at PPLive have no such problems. Meet the Asian Joost, which is cranking out some big numbers and is on the prowl to buy its way into the U.S. market.

  • Amidst all its misery, Motorola has something to celebrate. Its GPON division has found two new buyers, even if they are microscopic in size.
  • Are you a Wi-Fi thief? The answer is yes. Seriously, I’m not joking about that.
  • More Free SMS for you…and I mean FREE. You know how much I love free SMS services. Today, the folks at 3Jam have introduced a new service that would allow you to send and receive free SMS messages. It’s also context-aware. It’s still in beta, and the first 100 GigaOM readers can try it. I think this one could catch on. Watch how it works on YouTube.
  • By the way, did you know that men like the mobile web and constitute 88.1 percent of total web users? Or so claims Opera. I think that would be that 88.1 percent of Opera users are men. Nearly 14.7 million used their Opera Mini to browse the web. Great, though not as much fun as iPhone browsing. I use it for checking out WAP.MLB.COM — all the time!
  • There is a growing army of people who, like me, stumble into becoming web workers, which isn’t as easy as it seems.
  • And if all that seems frivolous, then it is frivolous. Check out this report on Earth2Tech, which points out that our planet’s climate change problems are worse than previously thought. This comes from a group of highly respected, Nobel Prize-winning scientists.

Before I sign off, I just wanted to get your feedback on this “interesting” post — if you like it or not, should I carry on or not, or perhaps how best to improve it. I have embedded a little poll for a spot test.

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  1. Om,

    saw your post from June 19th, 2008
    9:21 AM PT
    June 19: What’s Interesting This Morning – GigaOM said:

    …I’d encourage you to re-visit one of the sites you featured in your 5 Free ways to text: They’ve been doing what 3jam just releases for some time now and just launched in India. Moreover, their service is WORLDWIDE, which means that if you’re in the States and say you want to txt from your mobile a friend in India, or UK, Russia or even Ghana – you can, WITHOUT paying for ANY long distance txt charges. Check it out and see what you think for yourself.

  2. @ Kiran: Individual blog posts would NOT be more useful.

    Unless I misunderstood the being of Malik’s post, the point is to quickly share what’s interesting this morning. It’s been posted at 8am. Don’t expect the writer to publish individual blog posts about every single interesting topic that he read in his past 2 hours. That would be unreasonable and miss the point of the brief overview.

    Because I find Malik to be a respectable Editor-in-Chief, I enjoy reading his morning recommendations on news, even published outside of the GigaOm Network. Perhaps Carolyn Pritchard could join in as well.

    @Kiran: I agree with you regarding the structure/ formatting of the post. There could be an easier way for the reader to “grab and go”.

    I find it a bit challenging to skim and scan the content. So perhaps a space between long sentences, and a consistency with the use of bold and color would help ;)

  3. I voted not interesting on a couple of parameters

    – I think individual blog posts would be more useful
    – Maybe the structure (formatting) of this post could be different to highlight things better. (Given that there is a lot of reading to catch up to everyday :)