9.5 Million Songs Per Day

On February 27th, Apple announced that it had sold 4 billion songs total in the iTunes Music Store. Today, Apple quietly announced that it has now sold over 5 billion songs. Let’s do some quick math. It has been 114 days. One billion songs in 114 days is just over 9.5 million songs every day.

Also, Apple rents 50,000 movies every day. That is about 18 million songs each year.

Apple must feel pretty confident that even with other companies trying desperately to compete with their iTunes model, the amount of time between their milestones is shorter and shorter. The first billion was reached in almost 3 years (Feb 23, 2006), the next billion in ten months (Jan. 6, 2007), the third billion in about 7 months (July 31, 2007) and the fourth billion in 7 months (Feb. 27, 2008), and only three and a half months to sell its fifth billion (June 19, 2008).

With just over 6 months left in 2008, do you think iTunes sales will top 7 billion?