3 Responses to “Updated: Yahoo’s Exit Door Blown Open: Garlinghouse, Makhijani, Lu Leaving; Reorg Plans Still Fluid”

  1. Thanks for the laugh. I think kissing ass is more likely. Yang and Decker are too lost in some parallel dimension to see they are planning on how to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic than lead the company out of the pit they dug for themselves.

  2. How many chance do Sue et al need to put a structure in place? They need to go.

    Execs can't necessarily be held accountable for the day to day execution of projects. They should be shown no mercy, however, when they CANNOT provide a framework to function efficiently.

    How can you claim to have a cohesive strategy when you don't even know how to enable its success.

  3. gregory

    this is all really great …. way too much deadwood there for years …. evolution in action ….. except for high school 2.0, the tech bloggers, they all think it is some fight in the parking lot … nope, yahoo is going to be kicking ass pretty damn soon