Samsung Spinpoint M6: up to 500 GB in a 2.5-inch drive


Samsungspinpointm6500gbI guess when Samsung says they have the "World’s Highest Capacity Hard Drive for Mainstream Laptops" they’re bringing drive height into the equation. Their new Spinpoint M6 drive offers the same 500 GB of storage that we’ve seen from Hitachi, but the difference that I see is the 9mm height of the M6 as compared to 12.5mm for a Travelstar 5K500. We can quibble over a few milliimeters, but the fact remains: the new triple-platter M6 offers some serious bang for buck. $299 gives you the half-Terabyte of capacity in a 2.5-inch form factor spinning at 5400 RPM. You’ll need a lappy capable of using the 3.0 Gbps SATA interface of course.

For $199, you can drop down to 250 GB of capacity while stepping up your spindle speed to 7200 RPM in the same 2.5-inch footprint. According to Samsung, both drives are now in mass production, so get your mini-screwdrivers and your wallets ready. Let’s see how long it takes before a commenter has one in an HP Mini…



“Let’s see how long it takes before a commenter has one in an HP Mini…”

My thoughts exactly. 500GB storage in something that small would make for a fantastic portable AV device. That 2.5″ drive size with the HP is one of it’s biggest advantages. The Fujitsu P1620 cannot even come close in that respect.


I am totally with GoodThings2Life. Once you have used a laptop with a 7200RPM drive, it’s hard to go back…


5400RPM Drives = Blah.

7200RPM Drives = YAY!!

Which explains why I feel so confused by the 500GB 5400RPM drive. I love the large size, hate the slow performance.

Mind you the 250GB drive sounds great. :)

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