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Instango- IM for the Blackberry

You Blackberry owners can rejoice with the release of  IM client, Instango.  Instango works with GTalk, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, QQ, Jabber and Gadu-Gadu for starters.  You’ll have to sign up for an account but it looks like Instango does email and RSS in addition to filling your chat needs.  I haven’t tried it but I might.


(via Blackberry Cool)

3 Responses to “Instango- IM for the Blackberry”

  1. cdowie

    Well I just down loaded this to my 8830WE. It certainly does take some getting used to and is jerkish and slow, but on the upside it is free (I think/hope). Personaly I’m still crossing my fingers for the day that gmail chat with AIM integration comes to the blackberry.


  2. BeyondtheTech

    While it’s a nice attempt to bring a multi-IM platform to the BlackBerry, the Java applet is so user-unfriendly, BlackBerry-unfriendly, and sluggish that it makes it nearly impossible to use. I’d rather wait for Palringo ( to make a more stable BlackBerry version (right now, it just can’t make a connection on my 8830, but others have been rumored to work fine).

  3. The site is all over the place…what are they selling? SMS? Phone service? If the app is free why do I need to sign up? I’ll stick with JiveTalk, thanks. It’s been working well since I got my Blackberry.