Getting Started as a Web Worker is About Meeting Needs

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I am an accidental web worker. I was given the pink slip not so long ago and has since then brought income for the family working from home, cafes, bookstores, and wherever there is WiFi. Though I am not yet fully immersed into being a web worker, it is nonetheless suiting my needs.

I need to compensate for the lost income and being a web worker has allowed me to continue earning and lessen the burden on my family.

When I decided to forego job hunting and become a web worker instead, I made sure to check on my skills set to see what I can put to use. Dig deeper. You just don’t realize the things that you are capable of doing.

I ended up writing for blogs and consulting on those setting up one. Go through the major tech blogs and you’ll see that most have job boards. I even did web design for small companies.

I need flexible time. Though I still follow a set time for working, I now have the opportunity to pick up my kids from school and bring them to any after-school activities. No more rushing out of the office and tons of savings from after-school care.

I start my day early. Stories that I cover usually come in between early morning until about noon. It is always better to start work early to save some personal time in the afternoon for errands, if needed. Besides, setting aside your work for later can only mean that you will set it aside for the rest of the day. It will haunt you at bedtime.

I maintain a list of things to do for the day which I write the night prior. This way, I cover most of the tasks and not leave any important ones.

I need to learn new skills. Being a web worker and the flexible time has allowed me to learn new skills, like cooking.

When I decided to write, I looked around for a school where I can take short courses on writing. But I opted instead to go to News University. It provides training for journalists and journalism students through interactive e-learning. Most courses are free. All you need is your computer and Internet connection.

I need to become more sociable. I’ve been consistently attending meetups, conferences, and small gatherings. It’s a nice breather after being confined in a cubicle for years.

It is in these events where you get to meet people who may eventually help you one day to get some work. I once attended a small meetup held in a cafe where I eventually landed two blog consulting projects from one of the attendees. Go to and search for any local gatherings based on your interests. You may also want to try

It is not as easy and rosy as it seems. The needs that I enumerated can be easily outweighed by the 6 reasons why you shouldn’t be a web worker.

How about you? What are your needs?  Is being a web worker meeting them?

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