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Last year, Bank of America launched its mobile banking service, which as their website name claims, allows you to bank from anywhere. (You can even watch the uber-cheesy videos that explain it if you want.) Last week Bank of America announced that it has hit over 1 million unique, active users, with 4 million account sessions in last month. They have about 100,000 users on peak usage days. Obviously, iPhone, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile devices are used most frequently.

BofA’s website looks good on my iPod Touch, and looks fine on a regular ol’ cell phone. I don’t use Bank of America, so I don’t know how it looks when you are actually inside your account, although I did find out that there is not a branch within 25 miles of my zip code.

I checked out a couple other banks on my Touch, and found that Wells Fargo looked like it could handle mobile banking. Although, it did look like a very mobile version and not very snazzy. Washington Mutual, however, did not fare as well, as it delivered a regular web page that was annoying on my Touch. It didn’t look like a mobile web page either, which translates into annoyingly long load times. BofA wins the battle by looking like a native iPhone app and being easy to use.

I switched to my current bank from Wells Fargo a few years ago because of its superior online banking service. I don’t think I will switch to Bank of America, even though it does have a great system. Do you have a favorite bank to use on your iPhone/iPod Touch?

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