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Firefox 3: Good PR, Poor Execution

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The launch of the final version of the Firefox 3 browser is not going the way Mozilla planned. This was supposed to be Download Day — an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the most software downloaded in a 24-hour period. Instead, after the browser was pre-announced to arrive at 10 am PST, all of Mozilla’s download sites are down. For full coverage of the PR vs. the reality, check out OStatic.

15 Responses to “Firefox 3: Good PR, Poor Execution”

  1. Well I like Opera, but its widgets are rubbish, it has no google toolbar (which I use a lot for keeping consistency between work and home), and with Firefox extensions you can get exactly the same functionality as Opera plus some.

  2. Hi Fx3,

    I have used both in parallel (to check about the memory hog situation) – and for the number of tabs that I have open and for the exact same sites/pages on them – opera is at least 25MB less than FF3.

    So – I guess I know exactly what I am talking about.

  3. What tipped me in favor of Opera compared to Mozilla is when it crashed (I do not why), they have an inspector via which I guess Mozilla folks get the reason of failure. And I just could not get the correct version which does not crash (it was not very frequent, but then it hurts) and I guess freeware gain more eyeballs on providing community support (may be too optimistic here!)

    I use Opera for a long time and I love it. And I have not bothered to check new versions of Mozilla since (it may be good later). Here are some quick comparisons of Opera 923 with Firefox 20014:

    1. It provides used controlled session handling.

    2. Both import and export functionality

    3. Voice support is available

    4. Intuitive user interface – a trivial one like new tabs is much more elegantly placed at Opera

    5. Much better maintenance. They detect and inform that you already have a version of Opera installed – so do a repair or reinstall

    6. Much better download facility. It is much more organized with the needed data and notifies when it is done.

    7. Much better error console for web based development or learning…

    However, not all Web2.0 apps support or I guess test their apps with Opera as they do with Mozilla. Like if you take a printout with Opera from Gmail, you will not have the WYSWYG thing.

  4. And while you are waiting for the Firefox download sites to come up – download Opera. You will realize that it is a much better browser than the hyped Firefox.

    In a lot of ways, Opera reminds me of the “original” Firefox. Simple, Elegant and functional. And the new Firefox reminds me a lot of Microsoft (Windows) – Yup – It hogs memory and crashes a lot. Did I say it hogs memory.

    Go Opera!! (A new fan!!)