comScore: Video Views Drop in April


Perhaps with the writers’ strike over, people went back to oldteevee in April. U.S. Internet viewers watched approximately 11 billion videos online during the month, according to comScore, down from 11.5 billion in March.

Roughly 135 million unique Internet viewers watched an average of 82 videos per viewer during the month. The average online viewer watched 228 minutes (3.8 hours) of video, but 18-34 year olds watched an average of 287 minutes (roughly 5 hours). The average online video duration held steady from March at 2.8 minutes.

Though we feel like a broken record for saying it, YouTube continued to dominate the competition, though it too dropped. YouTube had 82.1 million viewers watching 4.1 billion videos (49.8 videos per viewer) in April, down from 84.8 million viewers watching 4.3 billion videos (50.4 videos per viewer) in March.



The drop may also have to do with many college semesters ending, and students being away from computer labs, dorm rooms, and reasons to procrastinate.


Perhaps with winter being over, people want to get some fresh air and save their eyeballs by un-gluing themselves from the screen. Ya know, interacting with the thing they call the outdoors.

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