Vista Themed iPhone


When you buy the new iPhone, are you going to jailbreak it? Are you really a closet Windows fanboy? If you answered yes to each of these questions, then the VistaPerfection 2.0 iPhone Theme by Spec Works was created just for you.

It is very customizable with:

  • Over 90 icons
  • Dock
  • WiFi icon
  • Boot and restore images
  • Sliders
  • Edge icon
  • Vista login/logoff (unlock/lock) sound scheme

You can download it through installer and it is even available for the iPod Touch as well. Alternatively, you can download it here. VistaPerfection 2.0 is free but donations are happily accepted.

Even though I am happy with Mac OS X, Vista does look a lot better than XP, and almost looks at home on the iPhone ;).

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The kernel OS is not changed and it is an awesome alternative to other stuff people post.

chez3 makr

i like this theme and every one wants an ipod, but some dont like apple so who evers complaining stfu.

P=peesa c=crap

It’s simply a compliment to what OSX can do e.g Vista running faster on mac with similar hardware. LOL

P(peesa) c(crap)

bill gates

If Apple is opening up dev to EVERONE, why cant M$ do it too?


Whoever puts their iPhone through such torture should be lined up against a wall and kaboom’ed. Geez, the nerve of these people…


why would you do that ? Get a windows mobile if you love windows.

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