IzyMail Provides Email Plumbing

ScreenshotEmail addresses have a certain inertia: once you’ve started sending an address around, it can be very tough to change. But what do you do when you have an existing email address on the web, and a new desktop or mobile device that it doesn’t work with? That’s where IzyMail comes in. They take the proprietary protocols of Hotmail, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and other web mails, and convert them into standard POP/SMTP accounts by proxying through their own site.

Net result: you can read your web mail on your desktop, or your iPhone, or get it pushed out to your Blackberry. You can open up a new GMail account and have any old Hotmail messages show up in it. The site has plenty of tutorials on specific setups, and you can try the service for free with some limits (such as 30 sent messages and a 20-day expiration). If you like it, it’s $1.49 per month to keep using IzyMail.


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