Firefox 3 Releases This Week

ScreenshotSurely most WWD readers know that Firefox 3 is coming – we’ve certainly written about it enough. But if you’re not paying obsessive attention, you may not know that the official release date is tomorrow, June 17. Unlike some other packages, there’s really no need to wait for other early adopters to uncover potential problems – the beta process has been wide and long enough that the most recent builds are very useable. The release will be available at the regular Get Firefox page.

If you want a quick overview of what’s new, head over to Deb Richardson’s A Field Guide to Firefox 3, which also comes with links to more in-depth articles on major features. If you’re planning to grab the release immediately, you might also head over to the Download Day 2008 site, where 1.3 million people are already pledging to download in order to help set a world record.


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