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C-Spot Season 2, C-You Not Laughing

Crackle launched “season 2” of its C-Spot comedy web series this morning. The good news? It’s dropped most of the dead weight from season one and kept The Roadents. The bad news? Most of the replacement shows still aren’t funny.

There is one bright and shining new addition to the otherwise lackluster season two lineup. Awkward Pictures’ Comedy Gumbo is a short sketch show, a really short sketch show — it’s a Kentucky Fried Movie for the digital age. The first episode crams more funny bits in five minutes than Saturday Night Live does in an hour and a half. Sample joke: “Pankex – the birth control pancake batter.”

Other new shows include:

  • Mr. Justice and Powerful Girl follows two not-so-super heroes as they sweat the small stuff like fighting “bad manners” and “obesity” to make the world a better place. I feel like I’ve seen this a hundred times already on the Web.
  • That Guy has a good premise — reenacting moments where “that guy” acts like a drunken buffoon or is just incredibly clueless. But it fails on the execution.
  • Owen Benjamin Presents is actually another holdover from C-Spot season one (Benjamin did Gaytown). This time around he’ll offer a hodge-podge of comedic how-tos and music videos. That’s what the Internet needs — more music video spoofs.
  • The Rascal is about something having to do with a criminal, or something. I lost interest halfway through the first episode.

Before fans of the not-picked-up Hot Hot Los Angeles and The Writers Room start firing off angry letters to Crackle, I’ll point out that just because the shows aren’t included in season two, it doesn’t mean they won’t return. A Crackle rep told me at the Digital Media Summit last week that the C-Spot will rotate through shows and some could reappear.

So the shows could come back, but will audiences?