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ADC Building $100M Green Data Center

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The bleeding edge of data center design is bright green. Advanced Data Centers (ADC), a year and a half old startup founded by a group of telecom execs, is building what could be the greenest datacenter in North America when built. The setup is being designed to use 25 to 30 percent less energy, will have a very efficient high density of power per square foot, and will use outside air and gray water for cooling. The complex has also already received LEED Platinum pre-certification, which is the top stamp of approval for green building design.

ADC’s president Michael Cohen told the Sacramento Business Journal that the facility, which will be built in California’s capital Sacramento, will cost a good $100 million to construct. That’s a high price tag for a young startup, but the company expects that customers will be eager to rent part of the 237,000 square feet of space to house their servers.

The confidence comes from the fact that ADC plans to give renters a killer deal. Because the complex uses less power (45 MW), customers pay less to cool their servers, and Cohen tells the local paper that the power savings could make their service “75 percent less than a comparable solution.” According to Tier 1 Research, ADC is actually getting a really good deal themselves from Sacramento’s power company, and will get around 7.7 cents per kilowatt hour. (We’re thinking that’s not renewable power).

ADC is a startup at the forefront of a growing trend of making data centers more energy efficient, in an attempt to battle the rising cost of power to run servers. Google has said that the cost of the energy to run data centers is set to soon outprice the cost of buying the hardware (if it hasn’t already).

We’ll see how efficient ADC’s complex is after it’s up and running. Tier 1 actually says ADC is being so aggressive on its efficiency goals, the research firm is wondering if the startup can hit its targets. But the startup has amassed funding that could help it get there. The Sacramento Business Journal says the company is financed by investor Bernard Osher and a private equity fund. While the company wouldn’t disclose the size of its funding, it’s got to be pretty substantial to build what could be the greenest data center in the U.S.

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