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MP3 Blogs Have Hipster Readers; Make For A Perfect Ad Network

Here’s a quick summary of Fortune’s look at the world of MP3 blogs: Sites like Peter Rojas’ RCRD LBL and attract hip readers that advertisers salivate over. But on their own, they’re too small to easily attract big advertisers. The familiar solution: an MP3 blog network. Music marketers Jon Cohen and Rob Stone of Cornerstone Promotions (which owns TheFader) have already sold Fortune 500 advertisers like Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) and Toyota on the network, which claims 240,000 readers. That’s basically the news, and the rest reads kind of like an ad for Cohen and Stone to pitch advertisers on the notion that their network of MP3 blogs is a great place to reach the right audience.

Finally, the piece notes that RCRD LBL’s next move may be to release an entire album from a band with a major sponsor, though that’s not confirmed. Says a marketer for Microsoft’s Zune: “With the right five bands, I can cover 100 percent of my target audience.”