Origami Experience 2.0 available for download


Microsoft let Origami Experience 2.0 out of the consumer cage, making it available as a free download to UMPC owners. Back in January, the software was released to OEMs for potential inclusion in their units and I believe the only device to see it so far is the HTC Shift. That’s almost ironic to me because I look at OE2 like tweaked version of the SnapVUE software included with the Shift. In any case, you can grab it now if you have a UMPC running MIcrosoft Windows Vista; just like the original, devices running XP are out of luck.

Included in the OE 2.0 software is Picture Password (handy for devices without fingerprint sensors), Weather, RSS functionality, e-mail and calendar items and various media / web features. Having used a beta version of this since August of last year: I’d recommend at least downloading and trying the software if you have a compatible device. There are some nice, features… most are generally already available in Vista already, but they’re not as touch-friendly as what you’ll find here. I like the ability to customize with various tiles in Origami Now, almost like Sidebar Gadgets. Hit up the Origami Experience 2.0 download page here and chime in with any comments on the experience.


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