Origami Experience 2.0 available for download



Microsoft let Origami Experience 2.0 out of the consumer cage, making it available as a free download to UMPC owners. Back in January, the software was released to OEMs for potential inclusion in their units and I believe the only device to see it so far is the HTC Shift. That’s almost ironic to me because I look at OE2 like tweaked version of the SnapVUE software included with the Shift. In any case, you can grab it now if you have a UMPC running MIcrosoft Windows Vista; just like the original, devices running XP are out of luck.

Included in the OE 2.0 software is Picture Password (handy for devices without fingerprint sensors), Weather, RSS functionality, e-mail and calendar items and various media / web features. Having used a beta version of this since August of last year: I’d recommend at least downloading and trying the software if you have a compatible device. There are some nice, features… most are generally already available in Vista already, but they’re not as touch-friendly as what you’ll find here. I like the ability to customize with various tiles in Origami Now, almost like Sidebar Gadgets. Hit up the Origami Experience 2.0 download page here and chime in with any comments on the experience.



Genghis – the “glitchy” interface is due to your graphics card and WPF. What graphics driver/chipset are you using? Try disabling hardware acceleration on your computer and trying again – this may resolve the interface you are seeing.

Genghis Khent

I successfully installed Origami on my Fujitsu P1620. I’m still trying to figure out how it all works. But I will say it looks really neat :-) I also is neither buggy nor slow. Not sure it makes a difference in this regard that the P1620 is a touch screen whereas the OQO is an active digitizer?

G. Scott


I too have an OQO Model 2 and am completely astonished at how BAD Oragami 2 is. It is buggy, glitchy and SOOO SLOW!

I feel like my desktop would have trouble running this, let alone my ultraportable. Yuck Microsoft. Yuck. :(


i have an oqoe2 with 64ssd and cannot believe how slow this is. i have oxexp1 and its great, but this is so slow.
also the writing appears cluttered until i move my pen over it and it magically fixes – glitch maybe.
so ive loaded a custom version that only has the picture password and gone back to exp1.

would love to know why theyve lost sight of speed.


I left OE2 downloading onto my Q1U. Due to a power failure I had it running on battery (internet was on UPS) and when I left I figured it would finish the download and then suspend after awhile.


Came back and Vista had cleverly eaten every erg in the battery.

Yes, I checked, no I hadn’t set it to not suspend on battery. Just another demonstration of how well tuned Vista is for UMPC’s (in this case Samsung installed the Vista no less.)


“Origami Central and Windows Media Player share playlists. You can add a playlist using Central or Windows Media Player, and the playlist will appear in both programs. You must use Windows Media Player to change or delete a playlist. To open Windows Media Player, tap the Start button in Windows, and then tap Windows Media Player.”

You need to add folders with videos, music or pictures from Media Player library.
You can create a new playlist or add the folder(s) to “Monitoring Update” at “Library”-“More Options”.

It works for me. Hehe :)

I find Origami Experience 2.0 working more faster than Media Center and it looks nicer.


Installed on my tx2050, nice app, but not really usefull. Probably better on a umpc.

Someone finds how to add video, music or pictures in the library ???


I kind of figured it was going nowhere good when the download required validation but it takes big brass ones to require Vista AND Office to use something of such marginal value on such an underpowered hardware platform. What’s their target for this? Themselves and who? A better question…does Microsoft have any concept of reality anymore? 30 years ago they laughed at how easy it was to run circles around fat, bloated and clueless IBM. I wonder if they’ve seen themselves in the mirror lately?

Needless to say, there’s no way I’m installing Vista just for this. In fact, I may try harder to get OS X on my Q1.

Kevin C. Tofel

“have you even seen a shift? cause what you say above is total nonsense.”

Allan, I don’t own a Shift as you do, but yes I’ve seen and used the device. Although SnapVUE offers more, both OE2 and SnapVUE offer quick access to Weather, Mail and Calendar events. That’s the irony I alluded to: two similar ways to access the same information outside of the native apps like Outlook. I don’t think such an observation is nonsense.


I really hate the requirement for Vista. How many umpc’s run Vista well? Ugh.

I’m running it on a tx2000 tablet for the hell of it, and it runs fine. It’s slow and a bit janky, but it’s neat to use with the touch abilities in slate mode.

I guess my main question is, why isn’t there more here? More gadgets, more streamlining, more usefulness. It seems very behind the curve for 2008.

Allan Pedersen

“look at OE2 like tweaked version of the SnapVUE software included with the Shift”

ehh… have you even seen a shift? cause what you say above is total nonsense.

Kevin C. Tofel

Mickey, I’ve just asked for clarification from contacts at Microsoft via the MVP program. As I read the requirements, they appear to be more relaxed than the first OE version, but I’m not yet sure. Once I get additional information, I’ll pass it along.

Mickey Segal

Those of us with small tablets such as the Motion LS800 would appreciate knowing if this will work well with a pen (but no touch) tablet that doesn’t meet with the official definition of a UMPC.

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