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ScreenshotIf you’re a web developer, you may have a love-hate relationship with CSS: it’s great stuff, but it’s hard to go from a blank screen to a fully-worked-out design, especially if writing CSS isn’t your everyday activity. To jumpstart your thinking the next time you get stuck on this problem, bookmark Open Source Web Designs: over 2000 web site designs, with the majority of them being XHTML/CSS-based.

The site highlights a few hundred of their favorites, and the entire stock is searchable by things like color and number of columns. Even if you don’t want to use someone else’s exact idea, a free design from OSWD can be a good starting point for your own efforts.



@FunTomas: There isn’t one.

As far as I know OSWD is run by a university student, it hasn’t been updated in a long time. But there are more sites out there, it probably would have been better for the Author to see what’s available.

Here are a bunch of sites I look at regularly, and are updated every week.


These are the best I’ve found so far.

There used to be blankcss.com where you could get blank css templates of you’re own and edit them, it was basically the html/css structure there with no images or text. Fluid and static designs, 2,3 columns but looks like they’ve forgotten to renew their domain.


Very nice, just wonder what’s the business model of the OSWD?

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