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Apple’s Stock Roller Coaster Ride

The picture above shows AAPL stock since just before the Stevenote Monday. It has only dropped 13 dollars since then, but rumors of Steve’s poor health, and the impossibility of living up to the hype has caused it to drop all the same.

Historically, Apple takes a bit of a dive after each Keynote by Jobs, but they still rise all the same higher than they were before. Although everyone seems to be making a big fuss about Jobs’ health, the fact of the matter is that Apple continually performs.

That does raise the concern about Steve Jobs: at some point, he is going to leave Apple, and what is that going to do to the company? Has Apple created a culture that is sufficient for Jobs’ will to be carried out long after he retires, or will Apple go the way it did the last time Jobs left?

That is a worrisome question. I sure would hate to have Apple lose all the ground it has gained. What do you think?

9 Responses to “Apple’s Stock Roller Coaster Ride”

  1. While we all hope Steve is still running Apple at 90 (I’m looking forward to my timePod: 10,000 years in your pocket) and without depreciating his talents and Apple’s achievements, the truth is that a fundamental change has occurred in consumer buying patterns. Apple has engaged successfully with the New Buying Paradigm and Microsoft has not. As long as Apple continues that engagement, they will continue to innovate and dominate economic sectors. The good news for everyone is that this engagement is possible across wide ranges of products and services and any company can have an iPod-like success.

  2. I bought apple stock at $35 a few years back, went to $90 and split and I still own it….

    Stock price is nice, but I’m praying Steve’s health improves. I can always make up for lost money, but you can’t make up for lost health / life.

    I’m praying for you Steve!

  3. Apple is very profitable. And increasing its business steadily. The Board of Directors certainly doesn’t want Apple to go down the drain just because its CEO needs to leave for health reasons. If that is the case.
    If Apple management is not stupid, they are all working together and what we are seeing now is the result of a team work, not just coming from Steve. A company working on a 1-man show would have a hard time going further ahead as Apple is doing now.
    Clearly what comes out of Apple is not just coming out of Steve’s head, but from excellent marketing. Steve is the driver, but the car is made from all the people in the company.

  4. David Parson

    If Mr. Jobs is the manager of people that some articles says he is don’t you think he has been grooming a successor for some time now?

    I would think he doesn’t want to see a repeat of what happened before.

    I would certainly think so.

  5. Lee Williams

    I’m a Mac guy all the way. I started with the Classic and LC75 and everything in between to my MacBook Pro. Now I’m waiting for the iPhone into Canada. If Apple continues to make great intuitive products, I’ll continue buying and praising to all.