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Hollywood Writers Make Their Own Web Platform: Strike.TV

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While many writers’ strike-inspired Internet projects seem to be petering out now that everybody’s back to work, it appears Strike.TV, a network of original online shows, will launch July 4.

Strike.TV, which has some part of its origins in the strike blog/community site United Hollywood, will feature a large set of self-funded original series, according to its MySpace profile. Each show be owned by its creator, and profits from the first 45 shows will be donated to the Writers Guild Foundation Industry Support Fund, which assists non-WGA members who were impacted by the strike.

We’re still waiting to hear back on our request for more info, such as who’s involved, but according to the MySpace profile, “Strike.TV will feature comedy, drama, animation, sci-fi, horror, thriller, action, game shows, soap operas and talk shows — all created by the creators who bring you your favorite TV shows and movies.” It was founded by Peter Hyoguchi and Ian Deitchman, who don’t have any big credits to their names. Our Google searching indicates that writers from The Office, The Daily Show, Die Hard and even Bob Newhart are involved, and there will also be some zany game shows.

One show creator told us, “[W]hat started with this kind of ‘Let’s put on a show in the barn’ idea is growing into something much bigger and more interesting.”

We’ll stay tuned.

7 Responses to “Hollywood Writers Make Their Own Web Platform: Strike.TV”

  1. I think it is great when any group finds a creative outlet for thier frustration of whatever is happening in their lives.

    Creative people need to do creative stuff and when one is on strike…it doesn’t stop the juices from flowing.

    I say…Rock on Strike.TV Show them that it doesn’t take millions of dollars to make something good.

    I can’t wait to see what they’ve come up with!!